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The FDCS portal is launched to capture the Feeder input details of unique Feeders as well as Feeders shared across RAPDRP towns.

Instruction to the users:

  1. Details on Input/Export Energy consumption and Interruptions of all the 11 kV feeders of substations originating from Sub division jurisdiction to be provided.
  2. Export energy details for only those feeders crossing outside RAPDPR town limits to be provided
  3. Any new/missing Feeders to be communicated to IT Section by mailing to fdcs.support@bescom.co.in
  4. Manual consumption to be entered only in cases of Meter faulty/MNR/Meter Change/Dial over scenarios
  5. IR, FR and MF to be mandatorily entered for the first time and subsequently only FR to be entered as IR and MF will be freezed.
  6. Details of the previous month to be entered from 1st to 15th of the current month after which system will not permit entry
  7. For any support mail to fdcs.support@bescom.co.in

The following will be incorporated in the next phase:

  1. Meter Change /MNR/Dial over scenario.
  2. Provision for Wheeled Energy/IPP/Solar consumption